Congratulations Juan Espinoza –
Director of Speakers Committee!

Juan Espinoza
Speakers Director
International Relations/Communications (2012)

A great event with Maya Angelou – who was amazing! USC students loved her and we definitely needed to hear from someone like her on this campus. Juan notes that we should all look forward to Shepard Fairey in October! Along with his 1st year in Program Board serving as Speakers Director, Juan is also on the board of the Latino Student Assembly, Norman Topping Governing Board, ATVN, Delta Omicron Zeta (DOZ), SIgma Lambda Beta, and LIFE.

What do you love about Program Board?

Juan: PB is a group of dynamo people doing BIG THINGS on campus. A lot of the great events and programming you see out there is WHAT WE DO.  What is there not to love?

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Written by usgpb