Congratulations Amy Huang & Catherina Ticsay –
Directors of Asian Pacific American Student Assembly!

Amy Huang
APASA Executive Director
Psychology (2012)

Catherina Ticsay
APASA Assistant Director
Mechanical Engineering (2012)

APASA is off to a great start this year! They have had three large-scale events already: Welcome Back BBQ, Tournament of Champions, and Night Market. With over 400 in attendance at Night Market, there were great performances, lots of fun games and booths, lots of great food, plus the Mandoline Grill Food Truck. Both Amy & Catherina are serving on Program Board for the 1st year. Amy is also involved with Delta Phi Kappa, APASS Connections! Career Mentoring program, APASS PEER mentoring program, and Reading Partners. Catherina is involved with USC Troy Philippines and Undergraduate Research – Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Department.  Spreading APAWESOME one APASA event at a time together!

What do you love about Program Board?

Amy: I LOVE the people!  We’re all fabulous peebs who are passionate and program great events for this campus.

Cat: The people in PB are awesome…APAWESOME!  I love hanging out in the PB office, whether it’s for office hours or just eating my lunch, and having a good laugh with my fellow PB-ers.

Directors of the Week are recognized every week for their phenomenal contribution to the university and success on behalf of Program Board. Get to know those who make it happen behind-the-scenes!

Written by usgpb