Congratulations Amy Gong & Stephanie Wang!
Assistant Directors of Special Events Committee!

Amy Gong
Special Events Assistant Director
Linguistics and Communications/French (2014)

Stephanie Wang
Special Events Assistant Director
Communication (2013)

Special Events Committee has brought a Taste of Downtown LA, SCaretastic Halloween, & all our movie screenings and events this so far this semester! Amy has been in Program Board for 2 years and is also currently student supervisor at NewNorth CSC, involved with Troy Phi Modern, ASCA, & USIL. Being Stephanie’s 1st year in Program Board, she is also interning at an event production company and involved with Troy Camp.

What do you love about Program Board?

Amy: I LOVE all the support from PB and all the amazing events we had this year!!

Stephanie: I love being with a group of people that are determined, motivated, and supportive. Not only do they excel in the events that plan for Program Board, they are also so involved in other activities and accomplishments! It’s great being with a group of people who can balance, work hard, yet have fun at the same time.

Directors of the Week are recognized every week for their phenomenal contribution to the university and success on behalf of Program Board. Get to know those who make it happen behind-the-scenes!

Written by usgpb