Thursday, Feb. 20th was ISA’s annual International Food Fair and the amount of food and people was amazing! With 15 different vendors bringing food from 15 different countries, the International Food Fair has been the most cultural diverse and delicious event on campus yet. There was everything from pakoras, pad thai, sushi, mac ‘n cheese, and foods that I didn’t even know existed before the event.


Everything was from the most authentic restaurants and each item was chosen by each member organization’s favorite foods from their home countries. Join us next year for the greatest food experience you will ever have at USC!

Lastly, we would love to take the time to thank each of our member organizations for helping us make this incredible event happen: Association of Indian Students (AIS), Armenian Students Association (ASA), Association of Indonesian Students (ASIS), Canadian International Association (CIA), Circle K International, Italian Society, Japanese Students Association (JSA), Korean International Students Association (KISA), Malaysian Students Association (MSA), Singaporean Students Association (SSA), Chinese Students Association (CSA), Lebanese Club, Thai Club, Hong Kong Students Association (HKSA), and SC Students for Israel (SCSI).

Written by usgpb