February 27, 2013 @ 2:00 am – 5:00 am GMT0
TCC 227

A feature length documentary, Justice For My Sister takes an intimate look at the disappearance and brutal murder of Adela Chacon Tax. Her story is hauntingly familiar is Guatemala, where nearly 6000 women were killed in the last decade. Her sister is determined to see Adela’s case through until the killer, Ricardo, is held accountable. Rebecca’s two year long journey in the Guatemalan court system leads her to lost police reports, empty prosecutor’s offices, distance NGO’s, town rumors, the killer’s accusations, corrupt judges, and a postponed trial. Rebecca herself is transformed be her battle and emerges as a feminist leader with a message for others: justice is possible. Kimberly Bautista, the director of the film, will come in to feature it and speak about her experiences while filming, as well as her text message based hotline project for women in Guatemala.

Written by usgpb