From March 3-March 6, Women’s Student Assembly hosted their Annual “Take Back the Week”. Here are some highlights from the events!


Clothesline Project

Alumni Park was transformed into a sacred space for expressing stories of survival. People came out to make t-shirts to share their own stories as well as hang up shirts from previous years to air out the dirty laundry of gender-based violence.
Night of Artivism
In this cozy space, students were were able to perform their desired artistic medium on stage and raise their voices about sexual violence. Stories were told, poetry was read aloud, and songs were sung. The night was filled with a paramount of support and love for the brave voices who participated on this Night of Artivism.
Know Your Rights
Kaya, Carol, or Monica can you please comment? I was unable to attend this event.Take Back the Night: Survivor Speak OUT 
It was magical to see a community come together in support of each other. The evening began with awe-inspiring poet, Andrea Gibson who opened their heart to share some beautiful words with us. Following their set, audience members bravely shared their stories of survival on stage. To close the night, we marched through campus in a candle-light vigil commemorating our dark past, sharing tears and hugs, and shining a light to a beautiful future.

On February 12th, Political Student Assembly and the Unruh Institute kicked off their new monthly event, California Roundtable Discussions, with Unruh’s Politicians in Residence, former California State Senator Tony Strickland and former California Assemblyman Anthony Portantino.



For an hour and a half, forty students sat around a table with the officials, listening as they talked about their experiences in state government, reflected upon Governor Brown’s State of the State address, and commented on the future of California. They were also very eager to hear students’ thoughts, fielding questions on every subject they touched and listening intently and with interest before responding. It was an exciting, discussion-filled ninety minutes, and by the end both Hon. Strickland and Hon. Portantino noted that they were already excited to do it again.


Luckily, they will get the chance. The next Roundtable Discussion will be held on March 5th in MHP 102 at 7:30pm. Come, listen, and share your opinions with people who understand how the system really works.