10703631_804903512874256_7393769999169246317_nTo celebrate and share Asian Pacific American (APA) heritage and diversity, USC APASA supports its member organizations and sponsors cultural events to foster unity and growth within and beyond the APA Trojan community. We strive to create a more united community, where students support each other culturally, socially and academically by educating each other with their heritage, history and traditions.Our events vary from year to year, but some traditional APASA events include:

  • Tournament of Champions, a sports/field day competition between APASA member organizations
  • Night Market, a festival mimicking a traditional night market, featuring game booths, prizes, and food
  • Winter Formal, a formal ball held near the end of the Fall semester


How to get Involved

Visit our website at www.uscapasa.com.

If there are any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact apasa@usc.edu.


Executive Director: Kaylee Ho
Assistant Director: Sean Zhong

Meeting Times: Mondays 6-7pm (TCC 350)

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