International Students Assembly

USC International Student Assembly (ISA) is the most culturally diverse organization on campus, with 27 member organizations representing constituencies and cultures from all over the world. The mission of ISA is to voice the concerns and needs of the international student body at USC, provide a platform to showcase the diverse cultures on campus, and encourage cultural exchange between international students and domestic students.ISA puts on all of events, including iVoice, International Food Fair, Learn About American Football, International Film Week, Resume/ Interview workshops, Speaker Events with Dan Beaudry, Networking Nights with Professionals, etc! How to get Involved

We hold weekly Assembly meetings to discuss any concerns or interests that affect the international community at USC. We welcome your participation in this dynamic community, through the member clubs themselves or through your leadership on the Executive Board.

Please contact us at to find out more about these opportunities.

Go to the International Students Assembly website!

Executive Director: Rachel Zou
Co-Assistant Director: Tiffany Chang, Matt Nordstrom

Meeting Times: Mondays 5-6pm (TCC 302)