Our Goal in the QuASA is to provide a safe space for students of all different backgrounds to come together and find support and community within each other and with the executive board members. The Queer & Ally Student Assembly (QuASA) is one of the cultural assemblies that make up Program Board. As a Cultural Assembly, we create social, political, and educational spaces for LGBTQ folks and allies to engage with and develop new and different understandings of our complex community. QuASA is the umbrella organization for several different Queer student groups. Traditional QuASA events include: Welcome Back Events, Coming Out Month (fall semester), The Drag Show (fall semester), Gender Justice Month (fall semester), Pridefest (spring semester), Second Chance Prom and many more.


How to get Involved

Go to the QuASA Student Assembly website!


Director: Alyssa Coffey
Assistant Director: Dylan Lee


Meeting Times: Monday at 6pm URC 104