Women’s Student Assembly


The purpose of the Women’s Student Assembly is to address the emerging concerns of USC woman-identified individuals as well as feminists by working to strengthen the network of female students, faculty, staff, and organizations. With a network of diverse organizations and a proactive stance in sponsoring political, educational, social, and community events such as Body Love Week, Take Back the Night, and the Remarkable Women Awards, WSA seeks to raise the awareness, impact, and voices of USC women. WSA is a sex-positive, queer, and trans* inclusive space. We work with other organizations on campus to address issues of race, class, sexuality, and gender. 62695_537811432978144_1581685897_n How to get Involved

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Monica Ramsy – Executive Director
Shyann Murphy – Co-Assistant Director
Yesenia Cervantes – Co- Assistant Director
Meeting Times: Wednesdays 6:30pm (TCC 232)