What is Program Board?

USC Program Board, located in Ronald Tutor Campus Center room 224, is the premiere event programming organization of the University of Southern California. We represent a diverse group of student interests and organizations.
Our 13 committees and assemblies are student-run groups with the goal of promoting diversity and entertainment through progressive and innovative event programming.

Program Board assemblies include the following:
Academic Culture Assembly
Asian Pacific American Student Assembly
Black Student Assembly
International Student Assembly
Latino/a Student Assembly
Political Student Assembly
Queer and Ally Student Assembly
Women Student Assembly

Program Board Committees include the following:
Performing Arts
Special Events
Trojan Pride

The student programming fee allows Program Board to plan multiple social, political, and educational events for the USC community. These events include concerts, speakers, cultural events and various other activities. Whether bringing to campus a concert (featured artists have included Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Lupe Fiasco, Wolfgang Gartner, Mos Def, Capital Cities, Big Sean, A-Trak, and R3hab) or a remarkable voice (including speakers like Barack Obama, John Legend, Natalie Portman, Maya Angelou, Seth Meyers and Spike Lee), Program Board lets students get directly involved with a wide range of performers and opinionated leaders.

How do I get involved?

There are multiple ways to join Program Board:
- Attend our events
Program Board as a whole programs over 100 free events every year for undergraduate students. To know more about upcoming events, giveaways and exclusive content: join our newsletter, like us on facebook, follow us on instagram and twitter.

- Join a committee or assembly of Program Board
Program Board has 8 assemblies and 5 committees.
Assemblies represent a community at USC as a programming entity and source of community, support and funding. Each assembly has elected executive directors and assistant directors, and an appointed executive board, which is typically formed at the end of every academic year. For example, the Asian Pacific American Student Assembly consists of an executive board and 20+ Asian Pacific American member organizations. Most assemblies have weekly meetings and individual information can be found on the Assembly tab.

Committees represent a special interest at USC as a programming entity. Each committee has directors and assistant directors chosen by Program Board Executives at the end of each academic year. All committees have weekly meetings and individual information which can be found on the Committee tab.

Are Program Board events free?

Yes, all events hosted by Program Board are free for all to attend. In some cases, students are granted priority seating for limited seating events, in which case student ID’s are required for entrance.

How is Program Board funded?

Program Board is one of the few organizations that receives all of its funds from the Undergraduate Programming Fee that each undergraduate student (you!) pays each semester. Since students are funding our events, we want to ensure we bring you what you want. We highly encourage all students to join a committee or assembly and have a say as to what events the organization should put on for USC.

Will Program Board fund my event?

If an organization is part of an assembly, they need to go through the assemblies’ funding process. If an organization is not part of an assembly, they may apply to other USC funding resources (see the Campus Activities funding website).

Do all student organizations have to be part of a Program Board Assembly?

No. Each student organization decides for itself whether it wants to belong to an assembly, and if so, which one. Groups must apply to become part of an assembly and only are so if officially adopted by the assembly.

How can a student organization become a part of an assembly?

Each assembly has their own process on adopting student organizations into the assembly. Please contact the director of the assembly you are interested in joining for further information.

Where do I find out what clubs/organizations already exist?

From the Office of Campus Activities. There is a listing online of all recognized student organizations.